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Highlights of Eggplant Production Ilocos Region, 1st Quarter 2023

Release Date:
Reference Number: 2023-062

In the first quarter of 2023, Ilocos Region’s eggplant production was estimated at 32,653.88 metric tons.

The Ilocos Region was the top producing region on eggplant production in the country, sharing 41.79 percent to the total national production of 78,136.65 metric tons in first quarter 2023.

The eggplant production in Ilocos Region decreased in the first quarter 2023. This was lower by 0.66 percent from the recorded production in the first quarter 2022 of 32,870.77 metric tons.

By Province

Production decreases were noted in Ilocos Norte, La Union, and Pangasinan. In Ilocos Norte, the recorded eggplant production in 1st quarter 2023 was 7,160.42 metric tons, a decrease of 201.82 metric tons from the 1st quarter 2022 production of 7,362.22 metric tons. La Union’s eggplant production decreased to 958.25 metric tons from the production of 978.80 metric tons in 1st quarter 2022. Furthermore, eggplant production in Pangasinan went down to 19,133.21 metric tons from the recorded output of 19,472.42 metric tons in first quarter 2022.

Meanwhile, Ilocos Sur marked an increase of 344.67 metric tons from the production of 5,057.33 metric tons in first quarter 2022 to 5,402.00 metric tons in first quarter 2023.

Though the eggplant production in Pangasinan decreased, bulk of the regional output was from the province with share of 58.60 percent. Meanwhile, Ilocos Norte shared 21.93 percent, and Ilocos Sur shared 16.54 percent to the region’s production. La Union has the least contribution with 2.93 percent share.



Regional Director, RSSO I