Household-Industry Based Section

a. Coordiantes and monitors of various household and industry-based censuses and surveys;
b. Provides technical assistance or statistical service to local statistical coordination commitees; interagency commitees, local line agencies, and the academe in line with household- and industry-based statistics;
c. Prepares, produces and disseminates local statistical publications like Press Release, Special Release and other information dissemination materials in connection to household-and industry-based statistics such as poverty, labor and employment, price indicators, construction statistics from approved building permits and others;
d. Assists in the conduct of review and assesment of statistical methodologies ised in the generation and dissemination of local-level statistics in the region;
e. Asssits in the management and maintenance of the PSA-RSSO I Website;
f. Compiles, maintains and updates database on household- and industry-based statistical data in the sub-national level;and
g. Recommends measures to develop/strengthen the capability of local goverment units (LGUs), local line agencies in the production, analysis, utilization and dissemination of local data for local development planning and project/program monitoring, especially on activities inder household- and industry-based statistics.