The official newsletter published quarterly by PSA RSSO I to inform the PSA employees  and stakeholders on the important undertakings and milestones of the PSA, including snapshots of statistical survey results, process improvements and promotions of civil registration products and services. 

PSA RSSO I Newsletters

Type in Region 1, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Pangasinan
Date Published Author Document Type Attachments
2019 Ilocos Sur PDF PDF icon iDataDate Q1 2019 .pdf
2019 Region I PDF PDF icon IlocoStat Q1 2019.pdf
2019 La Union PDF PDF icon UnionStactQ1 Quarter 2019.pdf
2019 Region I PDF PDF icon IlocoStat Q4 2018.pdf
2018 Region I PDF PDF icon Ilocostat Q3 2018.pdf