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30 December 2020
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in La Union in November 2020 was noted at 116.6. This means that on the average, prices of goods and services in the province have increased by 16.6 percent from the base year 2012. The province’s CPI was recorded at 114.9 in October 2020 and at 113.8 in November 2019. Read more about Summary Inflation Report of the Consumer Price Index in La Union: November 2020 (2012=100)


30 December 2020
La Union’s palay production increased by 14.55 percent in third quarter 2020 at 12,948 metric tons compared with the production in the same period of 2019 at 11,303 metric tons. Among the four provinces of Ilocos Region, La Union ranked fourth in terms of volume of palay production. Its share to the region’s total volume of production is 6.85 percent. In third quarter 2020, Pangasinan had the largest share with 47.70 percent, followed by Ilocos Norte with a share of 26.61 percent and Ilocos Sur with 18.84 percent. Overall, Ilocos Region’s palay production increased by 1.48 percent from 186,265 metric tons in third quarter last year to 189,016 metric tons, in third quarter 2020.Read more about PALAY AND CORN SITUATION IN LA UNION THIRD QUARTER 2020


30 December 2020
La Union’s total volume of fishery production in third quarter 2020 was 2,721.16 metric tons. It shows an increase of 71.12 percent from the production a year ago of 1,590.22 metric tons. By sub sector, aquaculture remained as the main source of fishery production in the province for both third quarters of 2019 and 2020 with a share of 996.44 metric tons (62.66%) and 1,297.23 metric tons (47.67%) respectively. Read more about FISHERIES SITUATIONER IN LA UNION THIRD QUARTER 2020


29 December 2020
The total number of new non residential building constructions from approved building permits in third quarter 2020 was recorded at 63, reflecting a decrease of 30.00 percent from 90 constructions in same quarter last year.Read more about Non Residential Construction Statistics from Approved Building Permits La Union: 3rd Quarter 2020 (Preliminary Result)