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Population (August 2015): 689,668
Consumer Price Index :  
Inflation Rate :  
Purchasing Power of Peso :  
Construction Projects (Q4 2017):  
Palay Production in metric tons (2018)  201,992
Corn Production in metric tons (2018) 99,476
Fish Production in metric tons :  
Registered Birth :  
Registered Marriage :  
Registered Death :  



Construction Statistics of Ilocos Sur for 1st Quarter 2019
Price Statistics in Ilocos Sur July 2019

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31 May 2019
In the first semester of 2018, a family of five needed no less than PhP 6,923, on average, to meet the family’s basic food needs for a month. This amount is the food threshold. On the other hand, no less than PhP 9,923, on average, was needed to meet both basic food and non-food needs of a family of five in a month. This amount is the poverty threshold. These are 0.52 and 0.35 percent higher than the food and poverty thresholds from the first semester of 2015 respectively.Read more about Proportion of poor in Ilocos Sur registered a lower percentage in the First Semester of 2018


31 May 2019
Corn production posted 11.16 percent increase for January to December 2018. Gain on corn production for the year was registered due to the effect of sufficient water from various water sources, sustained use of hybrid and OPV seeds and wider areas planted/harvested through-out the yearRead more about Corn Outlook in Ilocos Sur 2017 - 2018


31 May 2019
Palay production posted a negative growth of 12.26 percent for January to December 2018. An evident decreased showing the great effects of disastrous typhoons experienced in 2018. Decrement on palay production was registered in the second semester owing to the effect of the occurrences of destructive typhoons during the peak reproductive stage of palay throughout the region attributed to lodging and submerging of palay for a couple of days. Total production for the year 2018 went down to 201,992 metric tons, 28,236 metric tons lower than in 2017.Read more about Palay Outlook in Ilocos Sur 2017 - 2018


26 March 2018
The Palay and Corn Production Survey (PCPS) consist of two national quarterly surveys which are conducted simultaneously. These are the Palay Production Survey (PPS) and Corn Production Survey (CPS). The main objective of the PCPS is to generate estimates and forecasts of palay and corn areas, production and yield..Read more about Palay Outlook in Ilocos Sur 2016 - 2017