Vital Statistics, Birth in Numbers: 4th Quarter 2021

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Friday, March 25, 2022

The total number of registered live births in Ilocos Region decreased  by 4.3 percent. From the 21,646 record in 4th quarter 2020, it decreased to 20,718 in 4th quarter 2021. All the provinces of the region,  except Ilocos Norte, contributed to the overall decrease of registered  live births in Ilocos Region.  

The province of Pangasinan contributed 63.0 percent to the region’s registered live births in 4th quarter 2021. The province registered 13,054 live births, lower by 4.0 percent than the 4th quarter 2020 register of 13,603.

La Union shared 14.4 percent to the total number of registered live births in 4th quarter 2021. The 2,979 record was lower by 6.9 percent than the recorded live births in the same period a year ago of 3,201. 

Ilocos Sur which shared 11.9 percent to the total registered live births  of the region in 4th quarter 2021, posted decrement of 7.3 percent. From the 2,657 live births recorded in the same period of 2020, it went down to 2,463 in 2021. 

The province of Ilocos Norte contributed 10.7 percent to the total number of live births in the 4th quarter 2021. Its registration during the period  went up by 1.7 percent, from 2,185 in the same quarter a year ago  to 2,222 listed live births in 4th quarter 2021.

The month of December had the highest number of registered live births in 4th quarter 2021 with 7,099 babies. On the other hand, October recorded the least number with 6,618. 

Meanwhile, November was observed to have the highest average daily births in 4th quarter 2021 at 233 babies while October had the least.

The daily  average birth registration in 4th quarter 2021 in Ilocos Region was at 225 births. This is lower than the average birth registration during the 4th quarter 2020 of 235 births. 

Males outnumbered females in terms of registered live births  in 4th quarter of 2021.  This data resulted to a sex ratio of 107  that translates to 107 males in every 100 females.

The province of Ilocos Norte posted a sex ratio of 108,  followed by Pangasinan with 107. La Union and Ilocos Sur posted the same sex ratio of 106. 

Pangasinan was noted to have the highest number of registered births  for both male and female among all the provinces in Ilocos Region. 

Among the cities and municipalities in Ilocos Region, Dagupan City, Pangasinan registered the highest number of total live births  in 4th quarter 2021 with 2,458 births.

San Carlos City, Pangasinan followed with 2,000 births; City of Urdaneta, Pangasinan with 1,756 births; City of San Fernando, La Union with 1,356 births; and City of Alaminos, Pangasinan with 1,186 births.

The rest of the cities and municipalities had registered births  less than 1,000 births.


Note: Data on births presented in this release were obtained  from the Certificates of Live Birth (Municipal Form 102)  that were registered at the Office of the City/Municipal Civil Registrars  and forwarded to the Philippine Statistics Authority - Provincial Statistical Offices (PSA – PSOs) in Ilocos Region. Information included births registered from October to December of 2020 and 2021. 




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