PSA Undertakes Survey of Food Demand for Agricultural Commodities

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Issue No. 4, Series of 2016

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Monday, May 23, 2016
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is currently undertaking the 2015-2016 Survey of Food Demand for Agricultural Commodities. It is the fifth Food Consumption Survey (FSC) conducted by the PSA. This survey has four rounds, the first two rounds were conducted in 2015, while the third one was in February 2016. The fourth round of the survey kicks off this May 2016. It covers sample households in urban and rural barangays in 80 provinces and the National Capital Region. The consolidated report for the four rounds of survey will be completed at the end of 2016 and the final output will be released in 2017.
The general objective of the survey is to generate data on per capita consumption of rice, corn, and other agricultural food commodities. Specifically, it aims to determine the present average per capita consumption of rice, corn, and other basic agricultural food items; the emerging consumption patterns of Filipino households; the substitution of rice with other food commodities; and the quantity of rice and corn leftovers, wastage, and consumed by animals and pet.
The first FCS was done in 1995, following the recommendation of the National Food Authority to conduct food consumption survey covering cereals, cereals-based products, cereals substitutes and other selected no-grain commodities. The second FCS was conducted in four quarterly rounds – from third quarter of 1999 to second quarter of 2000 - as special project with the Department of Agriculture to examine the extent of rice substitution.
Then in 2008, the former Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (now part of PSA), implemented the third FCS in response to Resolution No. 3 passed by the National Agricultural and Fishery Council Sub-Committee on Cereals which recommended the updating of food consumption data. To account for the other data items included in the questionnaire and consider the suggestion of the Technical Committee on Survey Design of the then National Statistical Coordination Board (now also part of the PSA), the FCS was renamed as Survey of Food Demand for Agricultural Commodities (SFD). This was implemented from the third quarter of 2008 to the second quarter of 2009.
Recognizing the importance of data on per capita consumption in measuring the food requirements of the country and its usefulness for buffer stocking activities and making decision to import, Resolution No. 3 further recommended the conduct of Food Consumption Survey at least every two years for better monitoring of rice and corn per capita consumption. Thus, the last SFD conducted was in 2012.
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