Palay Production in the Ilocos Region Decreases in 2021

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Friday, March 25, 2022

The palay production in the Ilocos Region decreased by 0.02 percent  in 2021. The output of 1,902,343 metric tons is lower than  the 1,902,662 metric tons in 2020. Ilocos Region ranked fourth in terms  of volume of production among the regions in the country in 2021  with 9.53 percent share. 

In terms of yield per hectare, Ilocos Region ranked fourth  among the regions in the country. Its yield per hectare marked  at 4.65 metric tons, lower than the 4.67 metric tons recorded in 2020.

Meanwhile, the harvest area of the region expanded  from 407,701 hectares to 409,035 hectares. All the provinces  of the Ilocos Region, except Pangasinan, contributed  to the overall decrement of the palay production in 2021. 

The province of Pangasinan has the biggest share to the total  palay production of Ilocos Region in 2021 of 61.12 percent. The output  of the province registered at 1,162,636 metric tons, higher than the record of 1,135,379 metric tons in 2020. The yield per hectare during the period reached 4.57 metric tons from 4.51 metric tons in 2020. Moreover,  the harvest area increased by 1.13 percent from 251,537 hectares  in 2020 to 254,377 hectares in 2021.

The province of Ilocos Norte ranked second in terms of volume  of palay production in the region in 2021 with 17.72 percent. The output reached to 337,192 metric tons, or 1.40 percent lower than the output  in 2020 of 341,995 metric tons. The harvest area declined by 0.60 percent from 65,819 hectares to 66,213. Likewise, the yield per hectare went down from 5.17 metric tons to 5.12 metric tons.

Ilocos Sur recorded 244,634 metric tons palay production in 2021.  The output is lower than the production in 2020 of 249,171 metric tons. The harvest area decreased by 1.17 percent from 51,082 hectares in 2020 to 50,486 hectares in 2021. The yield per hectare also declined  from 4.88 metric tons to 4.85 metric tons. The province  shared 12.86 percent to the total palay production of Ilocos Region  in 2021. 

The province of La Union shared 8.30 percent to the total palay production in the region in 2021. The palay output of the province went down by 10.35 percent from 176,117 metric tons in 2020 to 157,881 metric tons in 2021. The harvest area also decreased from 38,869 hectares to 38,353 hectares. The yield per hectare declined by 9.15 percent from 4.53 metric tons in 2020 to 4.12 metric tons in 2021. 





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