Ilocos Region’s Fisheries Production Increases In 4th Quarter 2020 (Results From The Fisheries Production Survey, 4th Quarter 2020)

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Sunday, April 25, 2021

The overall fisheries production in Ilocos Region increased  by 11.24 percent in 4th quarter 2020 compared to same period of 2019.  From 71,944 metric tons in 4th quarter 2019, it grew to 80,027 metric tons in 4th quarter 2020. Ilocos Region shared 6.55 percent to the total fisheries production in the entire country in 4th quarter 2020. It ranked 6th place among the regions in terms of volume of fisheries production. 

Compared to their respective levels in the same period of 2019, La Union and Pangasinan recorded higher production in 4th quarter 2020 while  Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur posted decreases in output.

The commercial and municipal subsectors in Ilocos Region registered lower production while the aquaculture subsector registered higher output in 4th quarter 2020 compared with their respective levels in 4th quarter 2019. The aquaculture subsector contributed 88.20 percent  to the total fisheries output during the period. The municipal fisheries accounted for 10.43 percent while the commercial subsector shared  1.37 percent.

In terms of provincial distribution, the province of Pangasinan shared  the bulk of production in the region with 92.73 percent. The overall volume of production of the province was posted at 74,207 metric tons.  The aquaculture subsector contributed to the overall increase in output  of the province.

La Union distantly followed Pangasinan with 3.77 percent share  to the total volume of fisheries production in the region. Its production  went up by 2.66 percent in 4th quarter 2020 with an output  of 3,014 metric tons. The commercial and aquaculture subsectors contributed to the overall positive performance of the province in terms  of fisheries production.

Meanwhile, Ilocos Norte shared 1.89 percent to the total volume  of production in the region. The fisheries production of the province  was recorded at 1,513 metric tons in 4th quarter 2020, lower  by 19.55 percent than the production a year ago of 1,881 metric tons.  The municipal subsector contributed to the overall decrement in output.

The province of Ilocos Sur, which shared 1.62 percent to the total fisheries production of Ilocos Region, recorded lower fisheries production  in 4th quarter 2020 compared with its level a year ago.  From 1,599 metric tons production, it went down to 1,292 metric tons attributed to the lower output of both commercial and municipal subsectors.



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