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Monday, January 25, 2021
  1. The stationary mascot making contest is open to all interested parties or private individual and not only for PSA employees.


  1. The deadline of submission of entries will be on or before February 22, 2021. All entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


  1. By joining the competition, the participant declares that the Mascot submitted is his/her original work, has not been submitted to any other competition, and does not infringe on any third party’s existing copyright. Any complaints that may arise due to similarities, likeness or comparison of the design would be the accountability of the participant as he/she would be responsible to prove its authenticity.


  1. The Stationary Mascot Making Contest shall be judged according to the following criteria:


  • Relevance to Civil Registration - 40%

    • must uphold Civil Registration image/mandate

  • Originality 30%

    • no infringement

    • not similar with other mascot designs

  • Quality of the Mascot 20%

    •  mascot must be at least 6 feet tall

    • mascot must also be able to stand

    • can withstand strong winds

    • water proof

  • Ingenuity 10%

    • use of quality materials

    • resourcefulness in the use of materials

  1. Top 3 winners will be chosen in the contest and will receive a cash prize:

    • Winner:       PhP 10,000.00
    • 2nd Place:    Php   5,000.00
    • 3rd Place:    PhP    3,000.00

The winning entry will automatically become the intellectual property of PSA-RSSO I. PSA-RSSO I Administration has the right to edit/enhance the winning entry. The announcement of winners will be on February 26, 2021 in conjunction with the culmination of the celebration of the Civil Registration Month.

  1. For interested participants, kindly send your name and contact details to psa_rsso_1@yahoo.com.ph on or before 1 February 2021 to register.


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