Death Statistics La Union: 2019 Annual Report

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A total of 6,067 deaths were registered in La Union in 2019.  The figure indicated an increase of 9.39 percent death occurrences from the 2018 figure of 5,546.


The City of San Fernando ranked first in terms of the number of registered deaths in 2019 with 2,815 or 46.40 percent of the total registered deaths in the province.  Agoo placed second with 620 registered deaths (10.22 percent share), followed by Bauang with 274 (4.52 percent share), Balaoan with 245 (4.04 percent share) and Naguillian with 243 (4.01 percent share).


The municipalities of Burgos, Santol and Bagulin posted the smallest number of registered deaths in 2019 with 32 deaths (0.53 percent share), 45 deaths (0.74 percent share) and 59 deaths (0.97 percent share) respectively. Similarly in 2018, the municipalities of Burgos,  Baguilin and Santol had the least number of registered deaths with 25 deaths (0.45 percent share), 49 deaths (0.88 percent share) and 56 deaths (1.01 percent share) respectively.


In 2018, the City of San Fernando also recorded the highest number of registered deaths with 2,334 deaths or 42.08 percent of the provincial total. This was followed by Agoowith 608 registered deaths (10.96 percent share), Bauang with 291 (5.25 percent share), Naguilian with 267 (4.81 percent share) and Rosario with 244 (4.40 percent share).


There were more death occurrences among males (3,379) than females (2,688) in La Union in 2019.  The computed sex ratio during the year was 126 which means that 126 males died for every 100 female deaths. 


A total of eight city/municipalities posted a sex ratio higher than the provincial sex ratio, the highest of which was recorded in San Gabriel with 172. Santol ranked second with 165 followed by Naguilian with 143.  The lowest sex ratio of 77 was noted in Sudipen.




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Explanatory Notes

Data on deaths presented in this release were obtained from theCertificate of Death (Municipal Form 103) that were registered at the Office of the City/Municipal Civil Registrars in La Union and forwarded to the Philippine Statistics Authority - La Union Provincial Statistical Office. Information included deaths registered from January to December of 2018 and 2019.

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