Corn Production in the Ilocos Region increases in 2021

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Friday, March 25, 2022

The corn production in the Ilocos Region increased by 1.40 percent  in 2021. The output of 571,259 metric tons is higher than  the 563,388 metric tons in 2020. Ilocos Region ranked fifth in terms  of volume of production among the regions in the country in 2021  with 6.88 percent share. 

The harvest area went up from 95,167 hectares to 95,761 hectares. Moreover, the yield per hectare increased from 5.92 metric tons  to 5.97 metric tons. The provinces of Ilocos Sur and Pangasinan contributed to the overall increase in corn output. 

The Ilocos Region ranked second in terms of yield per hectare among  the regions in the country with 5.97 metric tons. 

The corn production of Ilocos Region was dominated by yellow corn  which accounted to 91.77 percent of the total corn production  of the region.  

The province of Pangasinan contributed 62.71 percent to the total corn production of the Ilocos Region in 2021. Its production of 358,233 metric tons is higher by 2.75 percent from the record in 2020 of 348,661 metric tons. The harvest area also increased  from 57,108 hectares to 58,395 hectares. Moreover, the yield per hectare went up from 6.11 metric tons in 2020 to 6.13 metric tons in 2021.

Ilocos Sur which shared 19.38 percent to the total corn production  of the region increased by 1.96 percent. The output reached  to 110,736 metric tons from 108,606 metric tons in 2020. The harvest area, however, declined by 0.26 percent, from 18,953 hectares in 2020  to 18,903 hectares in 2021. The yield per hectare improved  by 2.23 percent from 5.73 metric tons to 5.86 metric tons.

The volume of corn production in Ilocos Norte decreased in 2021.  The output is lower by 1.52 percent from 66,508 metric tons in 2020  to 65,496 metric tons in 2021. The harvest area also declined  by 1.92 percent from the 11,842 hectares in 2020. The yield per hectare, however went up from 5.62 metric tons to 5.64 metric tons.  

The province of La Union marked at 36,794 metric tons in 2021.  This is lower than the output in 2020 of 39,613 metric tons.  The harvest area went down by 5.73 percent or 6,848 metric tons  from the 7,264 hectares in 2020. The yield per hectare, likewise, decreased from 5.45 metric tons to 5.37 metric tons. 



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