Construction Statistics from Approved Building Permits in Ilocos Sur: 1st Quarter 2021 (Preliminary Results)

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Friday, August 6, 2021


This Special Release presents the construction statistics in Ilocos Sur for the first quarter of 2021. This is based on approved building permits on new constructions and additions, alterations, and repairs of existing residential and non-residential buildings, and other structures, which are proposed to be constructed in the cities and municipalities of the  country on a specific period. Specifically, it discusses the number, floor area, and value of constructions by type. 


Ilocos Sur records 962 construction projects in first quarter 2021

Approved building permits in Ilocos Sur during the first quarter of 2021 totaled to 962 with a total value of PhP1,076.8 million and floor area of 106,886 square meters. In same quarter last year, the province recorded 690 construction projects, which was lower by 272 compared to first quarter in 2021.

Of the total construction projects, 719 or 74.8  percent were residential-type buildings, 159 or 16.5 percent were addition, alteration, and repair constructions, and 84 or 8.7 percent were non-residential type of buildings. (see figure 1)

Residential-type buildings amount to PhP797.5 million

Residential-type buildings in the province recorded a total value of PhP797.5 million in the first quarter of 2021 with a total floor area of 78,579 square meters. This translates to an average cost of PhP10,149.34 per square meter.

Meanwhile, the 84 non-residential-type buildings of the province had a total floor area of 28,277 square meters valued at PhP264.5 million in the same period. Addition, alteration, and repair reached 159 with a total floor area of 30 square meters amounting to PhP14.8 million.

Almost all residential buildings are single-type

Of the 719 residential buildings recorded in the first quarter of 2021 in Ilocos Sur, 717 of these were single-type while two residential units were duplex/quadruplex. Single-type residential units had a total floor area of 78,207 square meters which amounted to PhP795.1 million while duplex/quadruplex residential units had a total floor area of 372 square meters valued at PhP2.4 million.


Commercial buildings register the highest among the non-residential type of buildings

Among the 84 non-residential buildings, 57 were commercial type which accounted the highest. This was followed by Institutional-type of building with 12 and industrial-type with 10. On the other hand, the lowest number was recorded by agricultural-type of building with 5. 


Of the commercial-type of buildings, 73.7 percent were stores, 14.0 percent were hotels/motels, 5.3 percent were banks, and 7.0 percent were other commercial establishments. 





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