Birth Statistics La Union: 2019 Annual Report

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The number of registered live births in La Union in 2019 summed up to 13,831, an increase of 4.78 percent birth occurrences compared to 13,200 registered live births in 2018. The daily average birth occurrence in 2019 was computed at 38 or an average of two babies born per hour. In 2019, the month of January recorded the highest daily average births at 45 babies, while the month of March posted the lowest daily average births at 30 babies.


In 2019, the months of January, May, July, September, October and November posted higher daily average number of registered live births than the provincial average. In 2018, the highest daily average births was recorded at 42 babies in October. On the contrary, March posted the lowest with 30 daily average births.



Among the city/municipalities in the province, the City of San Fernando registered the highest number of births in 2019 with 7,226 or 52.24 percent of the total number of registered live births in La Union. Agoo ranked second with 3,237 live births (23.40 percent share). The municipalities of Naguilian, Balaoan and Rosario distantly followed with 712 registered births, 498 registered births and 387 registered births respectively.

Similarly, the City of San Fernando posted the highest number of registered live births in 2018 with 6,955 births or 52.69 percent of the total registered live births in the province. Agoo also ranked second with 2,793 births (21.16 percent share), Naguilian, Balaoan and Rosario followed with 605 registered births , 544 registered births and 509 registered births respectively.



La Union: 2019

Majority of the registered live births in 2019 were attended by medical practitioners which may either be a physician, a nurse or a midwife with 12,282. On the other hand, there were 1,549 births or 0.11 percent of the total registered births in the province in 2019 attended by traditional and other birth attendants.


Males with 7,107 outnumbered females with 6,724 in terms of registered live births in the province in 2019 resulting to a sex ratio of 106 males per 100 females.

Five city/municipalities registered a sex ratio that is higher than the provincial ratio. The highest sex ratio of 115 males was recorded in Agoo. This was followed by Balaoan with 113, Bacnotan and Tubao with 111, and City of San Fernando with 109.  On the contrary, the lowest sex ratio of 54 was recorded in the municipality of San Juan.




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Explanatory Notes

            Data on births presented in this release were obtained from the Certificate of Birth (Municipal Form No. 102) that were registered at the Office of the City/Municipal Civil Registrars in La Union and forwarded to the Philippine Statistics Authority La Union Provincial Statistical Office. Information presented include births registered from January to December of 2018 and 2019.








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