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Latest in PSA RSSO I

26 September 2018
Aggregate Livestock and Poultry production in Region I posted a 5.96 percent gain in 1st semester 2018. Improvements in production were noted in livestock subsector by 2.67 percent and poultry subsector by 10.59 percent..Read more about Livestock and Poultry Performance in Region I, 1st Semester 2018


11 July 2018
Statistics Committee (RSC) 1, the highest policy-making body on statistical matters in the region, approved the Regional Statistical Development Program (RSDP) 2018-2023 during its 2nd Quarter 2018 Meeting on June 20,2018...Read more about RSC and RDC Approve the the Regional Statistical Development Program (RSDP) 2018-2023 for Region 1


6 July 2018
The Philippine Statistics Authority - Regional Statistical Services Office I encourages the sample households and the local government officials to support the conduct of 2018 Family lncome and Expenditure Survey (FIES) and July 2018 Labor Force Survey (LFS)...Read more about PSA enjoins support for the conduct of the 2018 Family Income and Expenditures Survey and July 2018 Labor Force Survey


29 June 2018
Approved building permits in first quarter 2018 totaled to 2,762. Of the total construction projects, 1,982 or 71.8 percent were residential-type buildings, 464 or 16.8 percent were non-residential, and 316 or 11.4 percent were additions, alterations and repair constructions...Read more about Construction Statistics from Approved Building Permits First Quarter 2018: Ilocos Region


26 June 2018
The number of registered live births in Region I (Ilocos Region) during the first quarter of 2018 summed up to 21,813, a decrease of 5.1 percent compared to 22,982 births at the same period of 2017. The daily average birth occurrence during the first quarter of 2018...Read more about Vital Statistics Report Region I (Ilocos Region): 1st Quarter of 2018


19 June 2018
The overall fisheries production in Region I went up by 4.9 percent in 1st quarter 2018. From the total output of 28,630 metric tons in 1st quarter 2017, it grew to 30,021 metric tons this 1st quarter 2018. All the provinces posted increases in output, except La Union...Read more about Region I’s Fisheries Production Increases in 1st Quarter 2018


19 June 2018
Palay output went down while and corn production grew in Region I in 1st quarter 2018 as compared to its respective level in 1st quarter 2017...Read more about Region I’s Palay Output Decreases while Corn Production Improves in 1st Quarter 2018


4 June 2018
The results of the October 2017 Labor Force Survey (LFS) revealed an employment rate of 91.8 percent for Ilocos Region. This was 3.2 percentage points lower than the 95.0 percent employment rate recorded for the Philippines. The employment rate of Ilocos Region was the lowest...Read more about Ilocos Region’s Employment Rate estimated at 91.8 % in October 2017


29 May 2018
The 2017 Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) of Ilocos Region grew by 5.8 percent in2017, but at slower rate compared to the 8.5 percent growth in 2016. The region’s outputreached 272.3 Billion Pesos in 2017. This was 15 Billion Pesos higher than in 2016...Read more about Region 1’s Economy Grow by 5.8 Percent in 2017 at 272.3 Billion Pesos


23 May 2018
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Region I for March 2018 was recorded at 146.2. This figure was higher by 7.9 percentage points compared to the last year index (138.3) and by 1.0 percentage point over last month index of 145.2...Read more about Consumer Price Index reached 146.2 in March 2018


22 May 2018
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) will conduct the Labor Turnover Survey (LTS) nationwide starting 2018. The LTS aims to provide quarterly trend statistics on labor turnover and existing job vacancies as indicators of labor market activity and general business situation of the country.Read more about PSA to conduct the Labor Turnover Survey (LTS) nationwide starting 2018