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February 2020 Price Statistics in Ilocos Region
January 2020 Price Statistics in Ilocos Region

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27 June 2019
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Ilocos Region for April 2019 (2012-based) was recorded at 118.2. This figure is 4.1 percentage points higher than the April 2018’s figure of 114.1. In the previous month, the region’s CPI was the same with the current CPI. The top three commodity groups that recorded high price indices were: alcoholic beverages and tobacco (182.6); food and non-alcoholic beverages (124.6); and furnishings, household equipment and routine maintenance of the house (122.9). Read more about Ilocos Region’s CPI posted at 118.2 in April 2019


27 June 2019
The results of the July 2018 Labor Force Survey (LFS) showed an employment rate of 93.5 percent for Ilocos Region. This was 1.7 percentage points higher than the employment rate recorded in July 2017 at 91.8 percent. Compared with the 94.6 percent national figure, Ilocos Region’s employment rate was lower by 1.1 percentage points.Read more about Ilocos Region’s employment rate estimated at 93.5% in July 2018


27 June 2019
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), in collaboration with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), conducts the July 2019 Consumer Expectations Survey (CES) enumeration on July 1 to13, 2019. The CES is a household-based survey on consumers’ assessment of their family income, financial situation, and the economic condition of the country. It is a complementary survey to the Business Expectations Survey (BES) of the BSP. The PSA’s responsibility is to undertake the data collection and encoding of the questionnaires while the generation of tables and analysis of the results are done by the BSP.Read more about PSA conducts July 2019 Consumer Expectations Survey


18 June 2019
Volume of chicken production at 40,455 metric tons in 2nd semester of 2018 in Ilocos Region grew by 8.46 percent over last year’s 2nd semester level of 37,399 metric tons. Likewise, chicken egg production of 9,448 metric tons in 2nd semester 2018 posted an increase of 5.09 percent growth from 8,990 metric tons in 2017 of same period. Read more about CHICKEN SITUATIONER IN ILOCOS REGION, 2nd Semester 2018


17 June 2019
Palay production in 1st quarter 2019 posted at 330,050 metric tons, higher than the estimate in 1st quarter 2018 of 329,229 metric tons. The harvest area also expanded from 67,425 hectares to 68,971 hectares. However, the yield per hectare dropped from 4.88 metric tons to 4.79 metric tons due to insufficient water and effects of bacterial leaf blight and bacterial leaf streak.Read more about Ilocos Region’s Palay and Corn Outputs Grow in 1st Quarter 2019


17 June 2019
The number of registered live births in Ilocos Region during the first quarter of 2019 summed up to 22,973, an increase of 5.3 percent compared to 21,813 registered births at the same period of 2018. The daily average birth occurrence during the first quarter of 2019 was computed at 255 births or an average of about 11 babies born per hour. Consistently, the month of January was observed to have the highest average daily births at 272 and 293 babies during the first quarter of 2018 and 2019, respectively.Read more about Vital Statistics Report of Ilocos Region: 1st Quarter of 2019


17 June 2019
The overall fisheries production in Ilocos Region grew by 14.3 percent in 1st quarter 2019. From the total output of 30,021 metric tons in 1st quarter 2018, it went up to 34,299 metric tons this year. All the provinces, except La Union, recorded higher output.Read more about ILOCOS REGION’s FISHERIES PRODUCTION IMPROVES IN 1st QUARTER 2019 (Results from the Fisheries Production Survey, 1st Quarter 2019)


14 June 2019
Livestock and poultry production in Ilocos Region posted positive growths in output in 2018. Production in the livestock sector went up by 3.77 percent while production in the poultry sector grew by 8.87 percent in 2018.Read more about 2018 Livestock and Poultry Performance of Ilocos Region


7 June 2019
The economy of Ilocos Region grew by 6.5 percent in 2018, faster than the 5.8 percent growth in the previous year. The region’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is valued at 289.9 billion pesos, at constant 2000 prices, in 2018. This was 17.8 billion pesos higher than its estimated value of 272.1 billion pesos in 2017. In 2016, it was recorded at 257.3 billion pesos while in 2015 at 237.2 billion pesos.Read more about Ilocos Region’s economy expands by 6.5 percent in 2018


28 May 2019
The frontline service of the Philippine Statistics Authority – Regional Statistical Services Office I (PSA –RSSO I) received commendation from the Civil Service Commission – Regional Office I (CSC - RO I) on May 27, 2019.Read more about CSC commends PSA’s frontline service


17 May 2019
Aimed to streamline and improve the frontline and back-end services to the public, all operating divisions and units under the Civil Registration Service of the Philippine Statistics Authority, including the PSA Central Serbilis Outlet, previously holding offices at Solicarel Buildings 1 and 2 along R. Magsaysay Blvd., Sta. Mesa, Manila and at Vibal Building located in Times Street corner EDSA, Quezon City, are now housed in its new building in Quezon City.Read more about Transfer of the PSA Offices and Central Serbilis Outlet Housed in Solicarel Buildings in Sta. Mesa, Manila and in Vibal Building along EDSA, Quezon City