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29 December 2020
In Ilocos Region, there were about 3,497 thousand population 15 years old and over in January 2020, a decrease of 1.0 percent from 3,534 thousand persons 15 years old and over in January 2019. Read more about Employment Situation of Ilocos Region in January 2020


29 December 2020
The participation Rate of persons whose age is 15 years old and over increased by 0.1 percentage points from 3,552 thousands in April 2019 to 3,554 thousand in April 2020. The national LFPR decreased by 5.7 percentage points, that is from 61.4 percent in April 2019 to 55.7 percent in April 2020. However, the Ilocos Region had an LFPR (60.8%) higher than the national rate of 55.7 percent.Read more about Employment Situation of Ilocos Region in April 2020


29 December 2020
The overall fisheries production in Ilocos Region increased by 10.86 percent in 3rd quarter 2020 as compared to same quarter of 2019 that is from 25,253 metric tons to 27,996 metric tons this year. All the four provinces contributed to the overall fisheries production in Ilocos Region.Read more about ILOCOS REGION’s FISHERIES PRODUCTION INCREASES IN 3rd QUARTER 2020 (Results from the Fisheries Production Survey, 3rd Quarter 2020)


29 December 2020
Palay production in Ilocos Region in 3rd quarter 2020 increased by 1.48 percent. The volume of production was recorded at 189,016 metric tons, higher than the 186,265 metric tons output in 3rd quarter 2019. The overall yield per hectare improved from 4.80 metric tons to 4.90 metric tons. The harvest area, on the other hand, decreased from 38,807 hectares to 38,606 hectares. All the provinces, except Pangasinan, posted increment in output.Read more about ILOCOS REGION’s PALAY AND CORN OUTPUT INCREASE IN 3rd QUARTER 2020 (Results from the Palay and Corn Production Survey, October 2020 Round)


29 December 2020
The average farmgate price of palay other variety, dry, in Ilocos Region increased by 11.83 percent from PhP 16.57 per kilo in 3rd quarter 2019 to PhP 18.53 per kilo this 3rd quarter 2020. On the other hand, decreases in prices of corn matured white by 22.57 percent and corn matured yellow by 13.31 percent were noted during the same period.Read more about FARM PRICE SITUATION OF SELECTED AGRICULTURAL CROPS Ilocos Region, 3rd Quarter 2020


29 December 2020
Approved building permits in the second quarter 2020 totaled to 1,737. Of the total construction projects, 1,371 or 78.9 percent were residential-type buildings, 150 or 8.7 percent were non-residential and 216 or 12.4 percent were additions, alterations and repair.Read more about Construction Statistics from Approved Building Permits Second Quarter 2020: Ilocos Region (Preliminary Results)